ME-LVCI v1.10
(Low Voltage Controller Interface Module)
Use module between a Extron MediaLink Series Panel and a Electronic drop down screen

Works with Extron MLC 226, MLC 206 & MLC 104 IP Plus* panels
(*MLC 104 IP Plus panels also need Extron IPA T RLY 4 #60-545-03)
(High voltage screens must be connected to a low voltage control box, see screen manufacture for information)
(example: "Single Motor Low Voltage Control System" from Da-Lite Screen Company)

Extron MediaLink series panels only have relays for control interfacing.  These interface ports do not have the electrical capability to control the screens simple up, down and stop commands by themselves. It takes a complex system of diodes and electronic parts to be connected to the Extron MediaLink panel for the functions to work.  Extron does not supply any parts or schematics with the MediaLink panels nor do they have any product to complete this function.

The ME-LVCI v1.10 module eliminates this problem.  Just connect the 4 color-coded wires to the relays of the Extron MediaLink panel and connect the other 3 color coded wires to the inputs (up, down, stop) of the electric screen control box.
Wire connections and software programming is explained in detail with pictures in the supplied color manual

NOTE:    The ME-LVCI v1.10 can only be used with Extron® MLC 226, MLC 206 & MLC 104 IP Plus series panels.  It can also be used with other panels that have relay controls (please contact us for more information).  DOES NOT work with Extron® MLC 52 or older MLC 104 series panels as they DO NOT have relays or digital I/O ports.

Use module for enabling the UP, Down & Stop buttons on a MLC 226 panel
(as shown in red below)

Very simple wiring
(as seen in below diagram)

Technical Information:

Wires pigtails are 6" long 20ga. Copper braided (Shielded)
Voltage rating: 30v DC

Actual Module Size:
2.0 x 1.40 x 0.68
50.80 x 35.56 x 17.28

Made in USA

$ 85.00 ea.
+ $7.00 S&H (USPS Priority Mail®)

Included with each order:

1 ~ ME-LVCI v1.10 Module
1 ~ Color Manual
Manual has software and wiring instructions for use with
MLC 226, MLC 206 & MLC 104 IP Plus (with IPV T RLY4)


Only connect the ME-LVCI Module to a screen equipped with a low voltage control box.
NEVER connect to a screen with out a low voltage control box.
DO NOT connect to 110v/220v AC directly.  FOR LOW VOLTAGE USE ONLY!

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